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Chantal Faraudo, CVT, CVPP

We believe in you. We believe in RECOVER. We believe RECOVER saves lives and makes veterinary teams stronger.




Being a person passionate about teaching, animals and people, Chantal Faraudo, CVT, CVPP joined the veterinary profession back in 2006 after having a career as a Registered Nurse and a teacher of music for 30 years. Intrigued with pain management Chantal went on to become a Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner. A turning point in her career came while working in Emergency Critical Care when a K9 police officer was stabbed multiple times in the field and arrived in the ER. After heroic efforts to stabilize the Officer with blood transfusions and autotransfusions the patient arrested. CPR was started and through all that transpired during this event, that is when Chantal decided to obtain certification as a RECOVER BLS Rescuer and a RECOVER ALS Rescuer. She then took the next step to obtain certification as a RECOVER BLS Instructor and RECOVER ALS Instructor. Becoming certified as a RECOVER Rescuer gave Chantal a growth mindset, making herself better at what she loved doing and saving lives in the process. And who doesn’t love that feeling!


Becoming a RECOVER Certified Instructor gave Chantal the ability to pursue another passion and that is sharing knowledge and teaching people new skills that dramatically improve patient outcomes if an arrest occurs allowing more patients to survive and go home to their families. Being able to witness the personal growth of learners as they gain confidence, competence and leadership skills during the course is rewarding. And then watching empowered people go back to their hospitals and make their own teams stronger is the ultimate reward.


Chantal spends her time, when not teaching RECOVER CPR, creating beautiful glass projects, growing bonsai trees, gardening, cooking and traveling. Chantal shares her home with her husband Jim, three rambunctious doggos, and three kitties, several with special needs.


Why is a  RECOVER BLS/ALS Hands-on course from RESPOND CPR for the Veterinary Team better than from other CPR Instructors?


The RECOVER course is delivered by RESPOND CPR with the adult learner in mind, recognizing students come with experience that they draw from. Learners are seen as a significant resource of knowledge to the trainers and fellow learners alike. The course is interactive, hands-on, will improve your professional competence in CPR and build confidence and leadership skills. The skills and knowledge you gain will be directly applicable to your team when you take your skills back to your work.


In class you will be a part of a team that will run simulated codes applying what you’ve learned:

  • Managing code scenarios utilizing mutual respect 

  • Collaboration and teamwork

  • Acquire communication skills that will help you and your team learn to communicate with respect and clarity

  • Give constructive feedback to each other 

  • Use closed loop communication

  • Learn to lead 

Our courses have an element of fun and humor to help you remember what you’ve learned with unexpected surprises throughout the course to keep everyone engaged. 

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